Sunday, September 28, 2008

i gave in.

so i have finally surrendered a little bit to the high-tech, web crazed culture of modern society. i never really felt the need or saw the real purpose of a blog, at least for myself. i have a diary that i use as a therapeutic way of reflecting on life as well as documenting my own personal history, experiences, and feelings. it is in a notebook because i do not want people reading it; it is for me and if i want to share my feelings it will be with a close friend or mentor and not the world wide web. in the past i viewed blogs as a bit narcissistic; a way for people to get attention. now i can understand that this is not always true and people use blogs in many different ways and for many different purposes. for me i am at a time in my life in which college is over and in some sense i am no longer forced to think critically. i also am geographically separated from my close friends and a lot of the intellectual stimulation i was formerly surrounded by. that said, the purpose of my blog is to be an outlet to express my frustrations and opinions in life and hopefully be challenged by those who read this. so please, disagree with what i say. this will help me strengthen my opinions on issues. so this blog will not tell you who i kissed last night or how i spent my summer vacation, i will still keep a personal journal for my deep dark existential angst, but it will bring up issues relating to such things as politics, theology, and maybe even music. i also hope that anyone who actually cares to read this may also be able to learn from me. so basically, please argue with me about things and we can learn from each other. this blog is also a way for me to confront issues that are very important to me in a way that i am more comfortable with. i think slow and i am more coherent and accurate in expressing myself through words. there are things i would like to say at times but i am not always prepared to orally express myself. so now that i feel awkward, vulnerable, and slightly hypocritical for having a blog, stay tuned for my first real post.